Mrs. Suneeta Regmi Pokhrel

Suneeta Regmi Pokhrel

areas of expertise
  • Legal counsel
  • Litigation
  • Gender justice and
  • Legal literacy
  • Pre-court mediation
  • Arbitration
  • L.L.M., Human Rights & Gender Justice, Purbanchal University 2015

Ms. Suneeta Regmi Pokhrel is a Senior Advocate who has been practicing law in Nepal for over 30 years. Her areas of interest include gender justice and legal literacy, and she has helped numerous women receive justice through the court system. She has also led leadership, capacity building, gender, and legal literacy training for grassroots women as well as women in politics all over Nepal.

As an expert mediator, she has successfully handled court-referred mediation as well as pre-court mediation in a wide variety of cases, championing the interests of the most vulnerable. She is a member of the Mediation Council’s Committee, involved to improve mediation policies and practices in the country. As a member of the Professional Development Committee of the Nepal Bar Council, she is also developing learning modules and providing training to lawyers to help increase their competence and professionalization.

Ms. Regmi Pokhrel is also a Professor of Law, teaching at Chakrabarti Habi Education Academy (College of Law) and a contributing member of the Subject Committee of Purwanchal University.

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