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NIAC provides the advanced NIAC Mediation Rules enacted by Nepal International ADR Center, which allow mediators and parties to take advantage of the flexible procedures available in mediation for the resolution of domestic and international disputes in an effective and efficient manner.

NIAC as a founder and Nepal center of the Asia Pacific Centre of Arbitration and Mediation-APCAM also has APCAM Mediation Rules at its disposal  for International Disputes.

The APCAM Mediation Rules also provide a facility for Med-Arb which is an effective way through which the parties can resolve dispute.

NIAC – When you opt for NIAC Service,  you receive Mediation and Arbitration under a single set of Mediation and Arbitration Rules and with a uniform fee structure in around ten Asia-Pacific Centers of APCAM with a systematic way of proceedings and good administrative control over the same!

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