Med-Arb/ Arb-Med

Med-Arb, short for mediation-arbitration, is a hybrid alternative dispute resolution process adopting the benefits of both mediation and arbitration. In this process, the parties first attempt to collaborate on a settlement through mediation with a mediator. If this initial mediation phase is not successful, or if some, but not all, of the matters at issue, are settled, the process and the parties move onto an arbitration process to finally settle the dispute or the remainder of the dispute.

Likewise, Arb-Med too is a hybrid dispute resolution process that combines the benefits of arbitration and mediation, including speed, procedural flexibility, confidentiality, choice of decision-maker, ease of access to the tribunal, continuity, finality, and enforceability of the outcome.

The primary objective of Arb-Med is the informed good faith negotiation and settlement of the dispute by the parties, with the initial assistance and efficiency of the Arbitral Tribunal’s information gathering powers, in the context of a formal arbitration process that will immediately resume if the mediation that follows is not successful.

NIAC – When you opt for NIAC mediation or arbitration, you enjoy the benefit of resolving disputes in any of the constituent member countries under a single system with administering centres in all countries, in a systematic way of conducting the proceedings and good administrative control over the same!

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