About Kathmandu Commercial Mediation Center (KCMC) :

Cutthroat competition among businesses has led to number of rising disputes which get settled on a regular basis through methods of dispute resolution which create a situation of win-lose for the parties.

One business losing and another winning is not the ideal scenario for the growth of the GDP of the country. Country needs well-functioning and thriving businesses that continue to operate despite regular occurrences of disputes.

Mediation can provide that balanced access to justice chosen by the party. Rules, Venue, Process and even the conclusion is chosen by the party in Mediation.

Through KCMC, NIAC wishes to provide a proper avenue for successful dispute resolutions via Mediation in Nepal. KCMC aims to promote and institutionalize the prevalent mediation practices.

Cases that require mediation facilities for dispute resolution will be referred to KCMC and will be resolved using KCMC Mediation Rules 2077. The procedural rules of the institution have been drafted using expertise of the NIAC team of members.

That is why, we encourage you to opt for Mediation or hybrid methods like Med-Arb and Arb-Med to settle your disputes.

For domestic disputes, KCMC Mediation Rules will be followed. Mediators from NIAC roster will be selected. While for International Mediation requirements, APCAM Mediation Rules will be followed.

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